Hydronix Water Technology provide state of the art Ultra Filtration Plant in Pakistan. Ultra filtration Plant is a pressure-driven membrane separation process that removes suspended or particulate matter (including colloids & silt) from water. Ultra filtration Plant in Pakistan is more reliable than conventional multimedia filtration that removes particles of 10 microns in size or larger. Ultra filtration also efficiently removes bacteria and most viruses. We also deals in Water Softener, Swimming Pool equipment, Domestic RO plant, and Arsenic removal Plant. We also deals in best domestic Ro Plant price in Pakistan and equipment. you can also get latest water filter price in Pakistan with free delivery in all over Pakistan. visit to buy best water filter for home in Pakistan with free home delivery.

Ultra Filtration Plant in Pakistan

UF Plant in Pakistan eliminate the need for clarifiers and multimedia filters. Standard design is based on a UF module with outside-in flow configuration which allows for less plugging, higher solids loading, higher flow area and easy cleaning. Hydronix water supplies a full line of standard and fully customizable Ultra filtration systems, all of which are engineered using advanced 3D computer modeling and process design software.

water filtration plant price in Pakistan

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Ultra Filtration Plant in Pakistan

1000 LPH Charity Filtration Plant