Water Filtration Plant for Poultry Farm

Hydronix Water Technology Design state of the art Water Filtration plants for you poultry Farm needs. We design state of the art poultry RO plant for Poultry Farm. Water Filtration Plant is a facility that works to filter and purify water by removing chemicals, hazardous materials, and toxic matters from water source. If you need RO Plant Price in Pakistan, we provide best range in Pakistan

Why Water Quality is Important for Poultry?

  • Water is an important dietary requirements for poultry.
  • under normal conditions poultry will consume about twice as much water as food.
  • water is not only a nutrient; it also soften food and carries it through the body.
  • it aids in design and absorption.
  • it cools the body as it evaporates through the birds lungs and air sacs.
  • water helps remove waste.
  • it lubricates joints.
  • it is a major component of blood and a necessary medium for many chemical reactions that help to form meat and eggs.
  • poor water quality can retard growth, curtail egg production and produce low egg quality.
  • Feed conversions are positively correlated to the presence of sulfate and copper concentrations in the water, and livability with potassium, chloride, and calcium.
  • Body weight is positively influenced by water hardness and dissolved oxygen and negatively influenced by total bacteria.

Reverse Osmosis (RO) Plant for Poultry Form


Problems with measurement Standards for poultry quality Water

Some of the measurement characteristics commonly used to define human portable water quality
Such as PH, Hardness and electrical conductivity are not useful in predicting poultry performance.
Hydrogen ion concentration (ph) tells nothing about the solution’s buffering capacity or the identity
and amount of individual ions.

Hardness indicated the tendency to precipitate soap or to form scale on heated Surfaces.
Electrical conductivity provides a measure of total mineral (TDS) load and no individual ion analysis.
What one really needs to know is the individual concentration of calcium and/or magnesium, the principal
Contributors to these measurements.

Water is involved in every aspect of poultry metabolism. It plays important role in regulating body temperature,
digesting food and eliminating body wastes. At normal temperatures, poultry consumes at least twice the as much
water as feed. When heat stress occur water consumption will double or quadruple. A safe and
adequate supply of water poultry production. is therefore essential for efficient.

Why You need a Poultry RO Plant?

Because RO Plant is the only one complete solution for you water to feed poultry Farm birds. get best water filter price in Pakistan for home. buy online best water filter for home in Pakistan. Reverse Osmosis RO plant treat this water and make it safe and bacteria free. So you can get Best Price of Reverse Osmosis Plant for Poultry Farm in Pakistan.