Commercial RO Plant

Commercial RO Plant

HydroNIX Water’s commercial ro Plant water systems is a compact and energy-efficient commercial RO plants, designed ideally for tap, brackish and drinking water treatment applications. Our small commercial reverse osmosis equipment is capable of reaching incredibly high recovery rates.

we offer a full line of pre-engineered and custom reverse osmosis systems for commercial use, ranging from 600 to 18,000 GPD. These commercial RO systems produce high-quality water at a very low cost, all of which are engineered using the most advanced technology for accurate and customized solutions.

These commercial RO Purifiers are available in any capacities and designed accordingly to your waters test reports. Hydronix water technology Pakistan has also a wide range of commercial RO Parts, chemicals and media. for the best domestic solution you can get water filter price in Pakistan  for domestic home use. you can also get free home delivery and best Water filter for home in Pakistan.

Commercial Reverse Osmosis RO Water Treatment Process

Skid mounted commercial reverse osmosis purifier are tasked with purifying water from water sources such as lakes, rivers and wells. These RO machines utilize a high pressure pump that pressurizes brackish or saline water against the surface of a semi-permeable membrane containing small pores. Water molecules are only permitted to flow through the small pores while blocking impurities such as salt, particles, minerals, and other organics from passing through. These small pores have a strong capability of rejecting bacteria and disease-causing pathogens. At the end of this process, clean, purified water emerges on the lower-pressured side while salts, minerals, and other organics are sent into the brine stream then into a drain.

Commercial Reverse osmosis System Schematic Diagram

This commercial RO plant schematic is demonstrating the following

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