Warranty card available in your product is valid for 1 year to claim the warranty bring this card along, We can also ask customer to bring buying invoice along with the product in case of lost warranty card we will consider it void warranty


Following reason will not be claimed in warranty claim


Electrically damage

Physical damage

Overcharging or circuit burning due to high voltage

Product is repaired from other Water Filter Company or local plumber

In case of safety seal is removed from the product

Use of local and unapproved replacement filters

We will try our best to deliver back your product on the given date but in case of any uncertain situation this time may increase. Consumable filter like; PPF, CTO, GAC, Membrane, Post activated carbon, Mineral Ball, Alkaline, Nano Silver and UV’s  are not included in warranty. Company reserve the right to offer you alternate product with differential amount in case of unavailability of the product.


To check E-Warranty of your product kindly visit the link given below.