Chlorine Dioxide Tablet in Pakistan (AquaTab)

Chlorine Dioxide Tablet in Pakistan

Chlorine Dioxide Tablet in Pakistan

Chlorine Dioxide tablets are used to clean water from bacteria and virus. Hydronix Water Technology Pakistan provides best Chlorine Dioxide Tablet in Pakistan. These AquaTabs are very effective to disinfect of  bacteria and virus. Mostly this tab is used in RO plant for poultry farm. you can treat your water from e coli and coli farm bacteria.

Hydronix Chlorine Dioxide Tablets are rapidly dissolved in water. These Chlorine Tablets are very effective against path organic bacteria, Virus, fungi, cysts and algae. Our Hydronix Chlorine Di Oxide Tablets are best for usage in emergency water disinfection for Water tanks.

We also offer Domestic RO Plant in Pakistan with free home delivery.

Chlorine dioxide tablets

Chlorine Tablets for Drinking Water

You can also use Hydronix Chlorine Di Oxide Tablet for Drinking Water. You can use our Chlorine tablets to Disinfect in Emergency.

For Emergency usage use 1 chlorine tablet (20 g) in 1000 Liter Tank and leave it for 10 minutes before drinking. There will remain 10 PPM Chlorine in Water.

Chlorine Tablets For Water Tank

For usage to clean Main water Tank and pipelines you can use Chlorine tablets. you can Use 1 Chlorine Tablet (20 g) in 10000 Liter to clean your main Tank. Please fill you tank before adding Chlorine Tablet and leave it for 30 Minutes. After 30 minutes you can wash or can use your water. for cleaning of your pipelines waste water from your all taps of home.

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