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Hydron RO Antiscalant Chemical in Pakistan



PACKING: 30 Liter Can



Hydron RO Antiscalant Chemical in Pakistan is an aqueous solution of a specialized poly carboxylic acid, highly effective in controlling the deposition of inorganic scale forming salts and particulate fouling on membrane surface.

Hydron RO Antiscalant Chemical in Pakistan

RO systems create salt concentrated water streams that could produce scale or fouling. HYDRON’s RO membrane antiscalant are pretreatment programs designed to eliminate scale and reduce fouling in membranes systems, regardless of the feedwater source.

While treatment with an ordinary antiscalant does provide some improvement, the use of HYDRON’s patented chemistry maximizes efficacy against a broad range of scale-forming substances and keeps fouling material in suspension.

Hydron Membrane Antiscalant New Packing Available with scannable QR Code.

RO Membrane Antiscalant

  • Excellent control of carbonate scale, sulphate and fluoride for cost effective operation.
  • Effective control both soluble and insoluble iron.
  • Effective against silica fouling Dispersal.
  • Compatible with all major membranes.
  • International portable water approvals.

RO Membrane Antiscalant Chemical

Hydron RO Membrane Antiscalant chemical is one of the best Anti Scaling Chemical. This is save your Membrane. HYDRON is miscible with water in all proportions. It may be applied as the neat product, or as a solution in permeate. Minimum dosing solution strength of 10% w/w is recommended. HYDRON should be dosed continuously and proportionately to the feed water flow, to maintain the recommended dose level. it helps to maintain your RO Plant in Pakistan with cost effective.

The dose level required is dependent on the quality of the feed water and the saturation indices of the various scales forming species present in the concentrated brine. Proprietary computer software is used to calculate scaling indices and calculate optimum system recovery. Dose level projections and recommendations are available on request.

What is an Antiscalant?

An antiscalant is a pretreatment that gets injected into the feedwater that flows through the RO membrane, preventing the membrane from scaling. RO membrane scaling occurs when particles accumulate on a membrane, causing the membrane’s pores to plug.

Some common membrane foulants and Scales include calcium carbonate, calcium sulfate, barium sulfate, strontium sulfate, calcium fluoride, iron, colloidal material, silica and other organic contaminants.

HYDRONIX WATER TECHNOLOGY suggests adding a HYDRON RO Membrane Antiscalant to your pretreatment program to improve efficacy again the broad range of scale-forming substances and to keep fouling material in suspension.

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