Water Storage tanks are must a part of every industry which use pure and distilled water. You can get best Stainless steel water tank price in Pakistan with the capacity of 1000 liter per hour to custom sizes available. These SS Tanks are available in SS-304 material. You can use these stainless steel water storage tanks in pharmaceuticals, juice industry and chemical industry. Most commonly this SS tank used for distilled water.

ss Water Storage tanks

Stainless steel water tank price in Pakistan – 1000 Liter to 3000 Liters

Stainless Steel Tanks are suitable to keep water clean and safe. Our tank’s thickness, diameter, height and position can be customized. The capacities of these storage tanks starts from 1000 Liter to 3000 liter.
Our storage tank has option for material, you can choose Stainless Steel 304, 316 or 316L.
Storage tanks also suitable to use for food and beverage industry to reservoir milk, beverage, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and any liquid which does not have corrosion effect for stainless steel.

stainless Steel Water Storage tank in Pakistan

HWT-0.3T Φ 700 0.3m3 1.5mm 800mm 1”
HWT-0.5T Φ 850 0.5m3 1.5mm 900mm 1”
HWT-1T Φ1100 1.0m3 2.0mm 1220mm 1.5”
HWT-1.5T Φ1300 1.5m3 2.0mm 1220mm 2”
HWT-2T Φ1500 2.0m3 3.0mm 1220mm 2”
HWT-3T Φ1600 3.0M3 3.0mm 1500mm 2”


Stainless Steel RO Water Storage Tanks

Ro water storage tanks are important to keep water clean long and reduce contamination with environment. We have well closed manhole with seal. So dust or dirt can not go to inside of RO water storage tank. Vertical or horizontal water tanks keep your liquid in safe.

After reverse osmosis water treatment system, you should keep your water in safe place. Plastics are not healthy to keep water, therefore we suggest our customer especially in drinking water industry, keep water in stainless steel 304 or 316 vertical or horizontal water tank we call as RO water storage tank.