Water Filter for Home

Protect your family with purified using water, for town supply, harvested rainwater, bore or well water or any source! Use World’s best Whole House Water Filter 20 Inch Big Blue Jumbo filter with you main pipe line.

Jumbo water filter housings remove chlorine and other chemical tastes, odors plus dirt, sediment, making water cleaner, clearer, and safer for your whole house. Best Hydronix Water Filter.

In addition, they also protect your appliances, fixtures and pipelines. Our jumbo water filter housings are usually placed in the main water line entering the home and generally have capacities to filter 10,000 – 100,000 gallons of water before you have to change the cartridge.

Suitable for large households “whole of house” / apartments.., commercial or industrial use, dairy sheds and farm applications etc.

Whole House Water Filter 20 Inch Big Blue JUMBO

Whole House Water Filter 20 Inch Big Blue JUMBO

*Triple Jumbo filter system with 20” Big Blue Housings – takes filters 110mm diameter

*Including 3 cartridges: 5 & 1 Micron PP Spun Sediment filters & ACB Block Carbon filter.

1st Stage: 5 Micron Spun sediment filter (SED 5) Removes dust, mud, sand, sediment, dirt & rust particles

2nd Stage: 1 Micron Spun Sediment filter (SED 1) Further removes dust, sediments and cysts and parasites

3rd Stage: Carbon Filter (ACB) – Carbon filters reduce chlorine, odors, particles in suspension, sand, salt, dirt & rust particles

Filter Replacement Schedule of  Whole House Water Filter

Stages Replacement Time Price Shop Online
Stage 1 SED 5-20 BB After 2 Months 1250 Buy Now
Stage 2 SED 1-20 BB After 3 Months 1550 Buy Now
Stage 3 ACB 5-20 BB After 3 Months 2500 Buy Now

Note: Cartridges life depends on Water Quality and Usage of Water Per day.

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